Work hard and work smart.

Every action that we are reflecting to see our current day and opportunity. Then tell yourself that I will change everything to be beautiful, today we may fail but tomorrow we are optimistic success belongs to us. Therefore any matter what we face Include the god in our lives, nothing makes us happy except God, no one makes us cry except gods, nothing makes us successful unless then from that whatever our problem is part of the beautiful world. I

 sometimes think that life is simple but meaning and that’s when I dare to dream big even out of the mind of others. Dream to be a great person who brings happiness to others as well as encouraging to others through big dreams, My future, happy my family and my future, for me and for those whom I love and dear. I look for my Lord of the hopeful giver.


  1. Dedikasi
  2. Usaha ARIF RAHMANel
  3. Waktu
  4. Ihtiar

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